Our client page

How we can help:

If you need a helping hand in seeking out those technical packaging specialists, often exceedingly hard to find, then look no further. We relish the challenge and ensure we pull out all the stops to find the best candidates available on the market. It could be a brand new vacancy to your business and an existing role.

Momentum and fresh:

We like to keep the momentum going to keep the interest of candidates, a fresh and new vacancy is much more appealing than a role that’s been advertised for months on end and the entire industry know about. So we keep the pace and get that role filled as soon as we can. A long drawn out process can result in losing the best candidates as they have time to scour the market. Time is of the essence.

Hand over the reins:

I’m guessing for you, the minimum amount of fuss and time spent on recruitment is the ultimate goal, you are way to busy and can’t quite find enough time to focus on this new vacancy you have. which is why are here. All we need from you is a job title, salary bracket, list of responsibilities, and your interview availability……..we do the rest! We also prefer and initial face to face meeting to glean as much as we can about your business, the team and the role.

We do the marketing:

It’s very difficult for you to actively sell and market your own position, you don’t have time to take calls from prospective candidates quizzing you about the prospects of the role and the culture within the company, who they will be working with, their backgrounds etc. Candidates are generally open with us, with any concerns or issues, and they can ask us questions before they make the important decision to apply.

Enticing the right candidate:

It’s not just about a job description, yes this is important, but it’s all the other bits that are so important to candidates. It’s about the culture, the location, the prospects, the reputation, their line manager. This is where we come in, we find out as much as we can about your business and where it’s going, we need you to be honest so we can find that best fit. If it’s a highly pressurised environment with limitless opportunities for progression or whether it’s a small team within limited career prospects, we need to know. There is always someone who will suit that kind of environment. A candidate who walks out after a month is bad for both of us.

Exclusive deals:

Yes, of course securing exclusivity with any client is ideal for us in so many ways but will ultimately benefit both our Client and Candidate too.
Candidates love to know that we’re the only agency working on a vacancy. It gives your role credibility and we gain our Candidate’s trust. We have your approval which is important to them and means they won’t get hounded by multiple agencies for one role. It also keeps things more confidential and discreet for our Candidates and Clients if it’s a sensitive role. It’s time saving, rather than briefing in several agencies, you only need to do it once.